A california native with a background in art history and a love for contemporary painting that explores color, line, text, collage, and abstraction.  Color works are meant as expressive nonrepresentational forms, while geometric work is based on the same initial form, then rearranged and multiplied.  Collage (and prints) work mixes and reinterprets found images juxtaposed with personal text sent to the artist. All works presented on site are works of artist, kate kearney. copyright 2010 - Present


Collage - from $225

Abstract - from $375

Geometric - from $175

For more information or to purchase please email: katelynr.kearney@gmail.com

Kate also writes the interior design blog, Shark and Olive.  Shark and Olive features finds that represent a never-ending celebration of art, architecture, design objects, and furniture.